Founded March 24, 2000, Ironclad Title strives to continuously provide exceptional service to all of our neighbors in Southwest Louisiana.  Our Ironclad family is equipped and ready to handle all of your title needs with 5 in-house Real Estate Attorneys, 3 full-time Closing Coordinators, 2 full-time Abstractors, and a well-trained, welcoming staff.

The unique customer experience at Ironclad Title comes from a basic principle: we are rooted in the community we serve. Working under this principle allows us to provide you with superior title closing services. We are locally owned and operated, supported by a staff of competent, Southwest Louisiana natives. This means that living in and supporting the community we serve is second nature to us; after all this is our home too. With a combined 107 years of attorney legal experience, Ironclad Title helps homebuyers secure their property with unsurpassed professionalism and experience. Here at Ironclad Title, we truly believe that “You Deserve a Good Deed.”

Escrow Services

We are proud to provide clients with an Escrow Service division to deliver the expertise and solutions you need in order to ensure efficiency throughout your transaction. Our dedicated Escrow Services team knows the importance of a smooth, timely, and transparent transaction. In addition, as a full service firm, we can assist with the drafting of relevant agreements which may be necessary for the parties to the transaction.

Escrow Services for all types of transactions, including but not limited to escrow services related to:

  • Exchange Agent
  • Governmental
  • Indemnity
  • Collateral Deposit
  • Retainage Escrows
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Safekeeping / Custodial
  • Class Action Settlement
  • Environmental
  • Subscription

Why Choose Us

Working With Lenders
Ironclad Title is proud to be a leader in the real estate transaction industry. Our attorneys and staff maintain a vigorous training schedule throughout the year to insure that we remain current and knowledgeable with all new laws, rules, and regulations affecting the industry.
One of our main goals at Ironclad Title is to be as much of an educational resource as we can be. Don’t sweat the small stuff, let us. Ironclad Title is proud to be a leader in real estate transaction industry.
Remember, You Deserve A Good Deed.

The Closing Process

Before we begin, Ironclad Title would like to congratulate you on making the decision to follow the American Dream of homeownership!

The Purchase Agreement

The Closing



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Post Closing

Consult a Realtor®
The Purchase Agreement
Trust Ironclad
The Closing
Post Closing


Ironclad Live is a web based tool that streamlines communications with your closing and title professionals, making the closing process faster, easier, and more cost effective.

By using Ironclad Live you will be able to:

  • View all of your transactions conveniently in one location
  • Access specific transactions from an easy to navigate list
  • Receive updates when activity happens on your orders directly in your Inbox
  • Review documents securely through the Ironclad Live web interface


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