Before we begin, Ironclad Title would like to congratulate you on making the decision to follow the American Dream of homeownership!


Realtors® are extremely valuable in the home buying process. They are licensed by the Louisiana Board of Real Estate Commissioners and will have the inside scoop on the properties available in the area, by their access to the Multiple Listing Service (“MLS”). Your Realtor® will know the best school districts, which parts of town have the best amenities, and where the best places to raise a family or retire quietly. If you are new to town, and do not have a Realtor® that you can consult, give us a call to learn more.


Once you find that special property to call your own, agree to a price and terms of the sale, and sign the purchase agreement, you will need to choose your lender and title company. The choice of who will close the transaction is completely up to the Buyer! If you are using a lender, simply tell them you want to work with Ironclad Title. If you are not going through a lender, either you or your Realtor® can send the contract directly to us to get started. Ironclad will work with the Lender to get the early closing documents out as soon as possible.


After we receive the purchase agreement and order from either you, your Realtor®, or your Lender, Ironclad’s well-trained staff will take over. From this point, we will contact you and all parties involved in the transaction to get whatever information is needed for us to move the transaction to the closing table. Our team of in-house abstracters will update the title by looking at all documents filed in the public records regarding the property being purchased. From there, one of Ironclad’s six, full-time Real Estate attorneys will thoroughly examine the title documents to look for any issues that need to be addressed and to make sure that all judgments or liens against the property are satisfied. Our attorneys, with a combined 107 years of experience, will make sure that the individuals selling you the property are the proper parties. If Ironclad Title’s dedicated attorneys find any title issues, they will be addressed in-house and at this time.

Once the title examination is completed, Ironclad’s attorneys will prepare either the title opinion or title insurance commitment, depending on what is requested by the Buyer or Lender. From this point, Ironclad Title will begin preparing final closing documents, and will work with the Lender where necessary to make sure everything happens in a timely manner.


Once all of the title materials have been verified and closing documents have been prepared and approved, Ironclad Title’s staff will arrange a mutually agreeable closing time for you to visit our office. Our well-trained closing staff, which consists of a Notary Public, an assistant, and a post-closing specialist will assist in signing all necessary documents. Usually, one of Ironclad Title’s attorneys will be in the closing room in the event any questions arise. If an attorney is not in the room at the time of your closing and you would like one to join, simply ask the staff and we will be happy to facilitate.


After all documents are signed and filed in the applicable Parish courthouse, Ironclad Title’s excellent post-closing specialists will put together copies of all signed and recorded documents, as well as other bits of useful information about the process. You will receive a letter from our office, which includes this package of information shortly after the closing. If the property you have purchased is going to serve as your primary residence, we will remind you to file for Homestead Exemption at the local tax assessor’s office.

From this point, all you have left to do is sit back and enjoy your home!

Ironclad Title thanks you for the opportunity to work with you, and we hope that you enjoy your experience with us. If we can do anything more for you in the future, please let us know.